Book Birthday

Two years since book release

The book “Il Sangue e l’Anima (“The Blood and the Soul“) by Carlo de Blasio was first released on October 24th 2019. Hence, October 24th 2021 marks two years since it was distributed to booksellers all across Italy. Notwithstanding the publication being in Italian, all its relevant issues are here, in this website (Sokratiko), in their English versions.

The small-size manual is still receiving good reactions from a relevant number of Italian readers. In fact, several of them touched base with this website in order to deliver their own comments and opinions. Indeed, some very interesting discussions are still ongoing and we find them very fruitful and captivating. Anyway, the email address is In fact, the author of the book “Il Sangue e l’Anima” is Carlo de Blasio, who is the author of this site as well.

Both the book and the website are part of Carlo de Blasio’s philosophical project. It is the relaunch of Stoicism‘s values, tenets and overall approach to life. However, being Stoicism a philosophical movement of the past (it was founded by Zenon ho Kitieus – Zeno of Citium – in Athens in the early 3rd century BC) our kind of Stoicism is (and must be) different from its tradition.


There are many wrong prejudices and misunderstandings around Stoicism. In particular, we still use the word and the related words (such as the adjective Stoic) when referring to an extremely sober and stern attitude. In truth, there were in Ancient Greece and Rome some excessive characters and some exaggerations. But the vast majority of Stoics were people like Lucius Annaeus Seneca (Seneca the Younger) and Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus (Marcus Aurelius). In short, Stoics could well be rich and powerful people, wearing appropriate clothing and eating in the right way. The point was (and still is) that they were (they are) not obsessed with dressing or with having rich meals. They could certainly, with no annoyance or chagrin, sleep on the floor and eat bread with onion.

Our Stoicism is a sober way of thinking and behaving. It is not the deprivation of sleep and food. It is not the renunciation of pleasures and entertainments.