Cookie Policy

We respect the user.

In fact, Sokratiko only uses cookies strictly necessary for the ordinary function of the website. For instance, these basic cookies allow a user’s click on buttons or words or expressions. And the click leads the user to other sections of the site or allows links to other external sites. However, these external sites have their own settings regarding the use of cookies. Hence, it is important to understand that links – here on Sokratiko – leading to other external websites are a user’s option to visit those sites. Therefore, Sokratiko is not responsible of those external sites’ use of cookies.


We know, respect and implement the General Data Protection Regulation. It could be useful to clarify here that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation (i.e. a uniformly binding legislation for all EU countries) that controls how companies, websites and other entities handle personal data.

The GDPR prohibits processing of user data without prior consent. This rule means that a website cannot automatically activate any cookies – before users consent – apart from the ones strictly necessary for the normal function of the website.


If a website does not process sensitive data (such as health data), the GDPR stipulates that active consent (implied consent or soft opt in) will suffice. An example of this active consent are our Privacy Policy‘s page and Cookies Policy’s page. In fact, they inform the visitor about the limits on the use of cookies in Sokratiko. Furthermore, these two pages on Sokratiko equal the continuation of browsing on the website to an explicit consent.


A cookie is a small text file that a website or app sends to a user’s device. This text file collects information about user actions on the site.

Cookies store helpful information to enhance users’ experiences with the site, and possibly to improve user’s ability to reconnect with the site later.

Data which cookies collect can include the user’s favorite language, device settings, browsing activities and other useful information.

Websites like those of the biggest browsers use cookies to make ads more relevant to their users. They also track analytics such as counting the number of visitors to a page, locations of visitors, search preferences and so on. Sokratiko does nothing like that. We respect the user. We are just a no-profit cultural site with a sensitive attitude towards privacy.