Our Goals

Recte facendo, neminem timeas

Sokratiko LogoOur Goals are simple. Anyway, ‘simple’ is not the same as ‘easy’. In fact, Our Goals are simple but not easy (to reach). But, it is also true that, potentially, everybody can get hold of them, if proper focus, intention and exercise are constantly employed.


Keep always an attentive and open mind on all aspects of life. Nothing has to be taken for granted, including the ‘certitude’ (so to speak) of being alive. In fact, is life real? Or is it a dream, an illusion? And what ‘real’ and ‘illusory’ do actually mean? What is it ‘to be alive’? Well, we know that all these questions will never find an answer (in this life). So OPEN-MINDEDNESS is simply (not easily) advisable in order not to fall prey of simplistic and schematic ways of thinking.


Consider money a very useful ‘asset’, but not the most important one. Preaching a detachment from big lush wallets and large bank accounts might seem ‘idealistic’, particularly when depending on incapacity to deal with practical issues. But our idea is somewhat different. We merely believe that money should be an instrument and not a value in itself. In The Drifters‘ 1953 song “Money honey” (see the SONG section of this site) we hear <Well, I learned my lesson and now I know / The sun may shine and the wind may blow / Women may come, and the women may go / But before I say I love ’em so / I want– money, honey! / Money, honey!>. DECENCY is the right attitude not to let money become the ruler of our life.


Never forget that public success might sometimes be important, but it cannot rank before any concrete, solid, firmly-rooted achievement. He who chooses the spotlight’s seductive lure, instead of a real, substantial growth as a mature individual, is likely to make an insidious mistake. At least from a long-term perspective. In fact, he could soon end up in a state of unhappiness upon realizing the vanity and emptiness of his life. Success is so transitory and void. Hence, CONCRETENESS is a valid criterion to try and avoid unsettling surprises.


Assume that power could frequently be convenient (for instance, to implement nice things for deserving people), but its price might sometimes exceed all its advantages and benefits. Compromises, moral corruption and manipulations (often in association with power) might become overwhelming and suffocating when one is ‘sitting on the throne’. This is why SELF-CONTROL is even more important when we hold responsibilities and power. In fact, self-restraint could prevent us from accepting any iniquity in the name of power. When we are available to do all immoralities for the sake of power, it means that the usage of that power will not do the good of the others but will just satisfy a greedy ego.


Accept that comfort must never introduce ourselves to habits of laziness and indolence. As a matter of fact, getting used to enjoyments and benefits is quite easy. But sluggish manners might pave the way to more demanding and even whimsical claims. What is really dangerous is not the deliberate and intentional choice of a capricious lifestyle. Such a choice is wrong but not dangerous (because the subject is well aware of what he is doing). On the contrary, what is dangerous is the casual, unaware and accidental slow-slipping of an individual into an unhealthy, vicious circle. The danger is in the unmindfulness! Having said that, it is okay to have fanciful and playful gratifications in life, but only if SOBRIETY remains the prevailing attitude (and the real choice of a conscious lifestyle).

Our Goals are simple.


Reckon that an ‘apparently good’ job means nothing if it comes with no real, personal, motivating challenges and psychological rewards. An occupation should not only be an economic, commercial, moneywise give-and-take deal. It should also be the best test of our capacities (innate and acquired) and it should be the smartest way to train and develop all of our qualities. A tangible RESPECT for ourselves starts with a job authentically matching our aspirations, predispositions and abilities. As we said, Our Goals are simple. In fact, always looking for ‘a job we are interested in’ is a very simple prescription. Still, ‘looking’ is different from ‘finding’. And it is even more distant from ‘having’. So, Our Goals are simple… but not easy.


Think that family and friends might certainly be enjoyable. But do provide that they do not constitute your limit or even come in contrast with your true nature. Some people tend to curb the others or even to stifle friends and relatives. It is not at all infrequent that inordinate affection or love might result in sweltering behaviours. And this is not good. But it is also true that some of us are prone to bend the head (even for mere complaisance) in the presence of whoever we are consorting with. FREEDOM is not only a physical condition but a mental one as well. Yet, many times freedom depends on us. If we realize it!


Believe that travels are certainly stimulating and soul-enriching. By the way, try and recall that moving around is not more relevant and fruitful (for the sake of a sound state of mind) than meditations, thoughtfulness and SOUL-SEARCHING (these undertakings all require stillness and focus). The covid-19 pandemic proved that we could significatively limit our moving around. Maybe not to lockdown extent, but certainly travelling with less frantic attitudes. The point is always having the time (and mindset) to cultivate SPIRITUALITY.


Understand that social duties should be respected but never in spite of all the natural, perennial values of this world. As a soldier you might be proud to serve and protect. But you should also be ready to disobey your commander, for instance, if and when an unfounded, hysterical order to exterminate an innocent family is being issued. The criterion of RIGHTEOUSNESS might be helpful to find the courage to say ‘no’ to any wanton directive. Our Goals are simple, though not easy to reach.


Take for granted that personal accomplishment has to be pursued only when in stable balance with the unstoppable forces of destiny. If, driving your car to a leisure destination, you meet a strange sequence of negative occurrences (flat tire, dog in lane, long queues, faulty traffic lights) you’d better consider an immediate change of direction! DETERMINATION should be combined with WISDOM. And common sense as well!


Conclude that our spiritual growth is important and valuable. Yet, never neglect that human smallness and imperfection will always stay unmodified in front of the entire universe. Even if you’re improving a lot, do not become too excited and do not forget what a tiny crumble you (we) are in this universe. Any human lacking some HUMILITY only is ready to become a BOASTER. Our Goals are simple. And ‘simple’ is not the same as ‘easy’.