We intend Sobriety as the Latin ‘sobrietas’.

Life is full of temptations and attractions. Many of them are purposely forged to exploit our weaknesses, taking advantage of our fears. Erecting a defensive wall against this relentless assault is a philosophical duty. SOBRIETY could be the matter of the defensive wall. And it is our philosophical matter as well.

SOBRIETY is a virtue of CARE, lucidity and attention. It is the regard with which we select a few precious things/actions distinguishing them from the flatteries which surround us.

We intend Sobriety as the Latin 'sobrietas'.

We intend Sobriety as the Latin ‘sobrietas’. For instance, it is nice to dress in a proper way. But we can certainly dispense with all the fashion amenities. And it is beautiful to express sincere opinions. But we can avoid talking in a logorrheic way, perhaps to the point of disclosing our intimacy.

SOBRIETY values the containment of all human expressions and manifestations. In fact, we prefer reservedness and little visibility instead of talkativeness and exposure.

In short, the attitude of SOBRIETY implies a predilection for facts and substantial actions (sometimes invisible). Indeed, we like facts instead of words, vows, promises and declarations.

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