Past Events

A recap of our past events

Mar 07
Marcus Aurelius first day of reign

According to some scholars, Marcus Aurelius first day of reign is March 8th 161. But, indeed, it is… Learn more

Feb 21
Pierre Hadot day of birth

Pierre Hadot's day of birth is February 21st 1922 (in Reims, France). His day of passing is April… Learn more

Feb 06
Foucault first lecture of 1982

Michel Foucault's first lecture of 1982 is on January 6th 1982 at the College de France. The entire lecture-course's… Learn more

Nov 04
Author Birthday

Birthdays are important to take stocks. Carlo de Blasio is the author of this website. He was born… Learn more

Nov 02
Website Birthday

This website ( was born on November 2nd 2019. Hence, November 2nd 2021 marks two years since the… Learn more

Oct 24
Book Birthday

The book "Il Sangue e l'Anima" ("The Blood and the Soul") by Carlo de Blasio was first released… Learn more

Apr 04
Book Discussion

THE EVENT A public discussion on Carlo de Blasio's book was scheduled on Saturday April 4th 2020, 11.30am. The… Learn more

Mar 21
Book Presentation

THE BOOK Carlo de Blasio's book entered the Italian bookshops on October 24th 2019. It is a philosophical… Learn more