Unus amicorum animus

Sokratiko LogoSokratiko enjoys the company of many friends living and working in many towns, cities and countries of the world. Thus, a complete list of them would go far beyond the intention of this space. In fact, we list here only whoever actively partecipates in (or is personally very close to) our project and to ourselves. Of course, we are always open to all constructive and friendly forms of collaboration. Whoever might suggest fresh ideas, links, sentences, thoughts and so on is very welcome. Therefore, do not hesitate to touch base with us, if you have an interest in what we are doing and if you would like to contribute.


The mail for you to contact Sokratiko is In any case, whether you are looking for more info on this website, please see also the ABOUT US section.

Sokratiko LogoSokratiko enjoys the company of many friends. Nonetheless, friends and contributors are never too many for a philosophical site with the ambition to be interesting. It is not easy to find people who love philosophy and who wish to go a little deeper into these fascinating topics. It is important to clarify that this website does not stem out of any academic institution (though we would have nothing against it). However, we are in contact with several scholars and professors, but this is a private initiative. Furthermore, we do not seek any enrollment or membership of followers and enthusiasts. We very much like FREEDOM, HUMILITY, OPEN-MINDEDNESS, RELATIVISM and RESPECT. May our heart-felt thanks join you right now, in advance!

deb Production (videomaking) – ROME.

Debs Drums School – FORMIA (Italy).

Festival della tv e dei nuovi media (media convention) – DOGLIANI (Italy).

Guida Editori (publisher) – NAPLES.

Il Circolo dei Lettori (reading club) – TURIN.

IoCiSto Libreria (bookshop) – NAPLES.

Paola Gatti (web designer) – TURIN.

Veggie Channel (web tv) – ROME.