We intend Respect as the Latin ‘respectus’.

All thoughtful considerations of reality induce in us RESPECT for whatever is around us. From bee to clouds, from winds to sheep, from rivers to fish. This regardful attitude begins from a recognition of our own DIGNITY. Only later we can apply this measured appreciation to everything else, in an harmonious, smooth and natural process. This is an “operation” in which LOVE – as <agape>, in Ancient Greek, and <caritas>, in Latin – plays a crucial role.

We intend Respect as the Latin 'respectus'.

We intend Respect as the Latin ‘respectus’. RESPECT might be an inborn attribute and an instinctive function in each individual. But it might also be reached by means of a long trial of acknowledgment. We can learn how to RESPECT ourselves paying attention to what we eat, what we drink, how we sleep, who we consort with, and so on. And we can also learn how to RESPECT everything else. For instance, not killing mosquitos, not offending stray animals, not disregarding the power of natural elements.

RESPECT is a <must> for avoiding to slip into dangerous “anthropocentric positions”. Thus, it allows us not to fall into the silly temptation to consider ourselves the best, the invincible, the superior, the rulers of the universe.

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