This site is about the philosophy of life called "epimeleia heautou" which is the "care of self".

Aetoû gêras, korydoû neótēs

An eagle's old age (is worth) a sparrow's youth.

En mónon agathón eínai, tin epistímin, kai en mónon kakón, tin amathían

There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.

In ancient Athens & Rome, philosophy was meant for good life (techne ton bion) &
good death: Sokrates yelded to capital sentence because 'assent' was good (katekon).
Stoicism, Cynicism and Epicureanism defined lifestyles & related trainings (askesis).

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open_in_full [PLEASE HOVER ON THIS BOX TO READ SOME INFO...] Two are the main prescriptions of our philosophy of life: know yourself and work on yourself. Once you have a good knowledge of yourself and therefore you are able to constantly correct your defects, you are in the ideal condition to reach a personal stability and a satisfactory level of contentment. However, the knowledge of oneself and the incessant work on oneself are both very hard tasks requiring a lot of energy, attention and time. If you browse through the TOPICS section of this site you will find many a reference to GNOTHI SEAUTON (knowing oneself) and EPIMELEIA HEAUTOU (taking care of oneself).


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