The gap between words and actions

A philosophy-oriented life needs SCRUPULOUSNESS. In other words, philosophy (our philosophy) requires vigilance and scrutiny on all aspects of everyday life. For instance, the gap between words and actions is something you might not be fully aware of. Instead, it is a very important point. And one you should pay some attention to.


You have a real interest in philosophy. Sure. You really believe your life needs some directions. Okay. You’re certainly in good faith when you intend to stick to valuable sets of principles and prescriptions. Right. But how much are you aware of the gap between words and actions?

Frustration grows when you proceed to (and clash with) daily realities! As an example, one single event might be enough for you to realize the hiatus between words and actions. In fact, any casual episode is potentially testimony of the troubles regarding your personal growth. It is so because growing (as we intend it) is, precisely, the realization of the gap between words and actions. Becoming adults (possibly adults provided with WISDOM) is realizing that it is never enough to say “I will never lose temper“, if the entrance of a big black fly in the room prompts your emotional reaction. In fact, pledges need to be followed by consistent behaviours. What happens instead? Well, you simply lose temper because of a fly or because of minor inconveniences in ordinary traffic jams. Or you receive an email from someone you really don’t like and so you start yelling.

In Jimi Hendrix‘s 1968 track “All along the watchtower” (see the SONGS section of this site) the lyrics say <So let us stop talkin’ falsely now / The hour’s getting late, hey>. Indeed, talking falsely is also talking with no awareness of the gap between words and actions.

Why is it so difficult to live up to one’s intentions? Why the actual feasibility of notions and convictions which one honestly trusts and values is, in the end, extremely problematic? What other forces (and not our pure volition) are in control of actions and reactions of the human beings?


First of all, do not think that whatever happens in you (in your mind, your soul, your conscience) might come from out of you. In fact, whatever happens to you, to your mind, to your temper, to your conscience, to your mood, IS DEFINITELY YOURS AND COMES FROM YOURSELF. Whatever happens to you only is a product (or a byproduct) of yourself. Of course, there are influences outside your body and your mind (society, institutions, friends, school, economics, advertising, habits, old sayings, traditions). Nonetheless, a certain feeling, a defined sentiment, a specific emotion and/or reaction is something which ultimately happens IN YOU because OF YOU.


You must be utterly honest in assuming on yourself not only all the responsibilities of your conduct but also of your states of mind. Therefore, never forget that – whatever you do, you think or you feel – there is always another option (a different action, a diverse thought, another feeling). So, if someone is pointing a gun to your head and then starts the slowly-progressing enunciation of a countdown leading to your death, don’t forget that you still have a possibility not to panic.

All in all, the gap between your philosophical convictions and your actual behaviour is YOUR PROBLEM. It is you who are experiencing the difficulty to change your lifestyle. It is you who do not manage to put your decisions into practice


In conclusion, you’re the master of your own life, for good or bad. Hence, please stand up and start working on yourself. Do things. Real things! Do actions. Real actions! Change behavior. Change yourself. Action is more than words.