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Aut tace aut loquere meliora silentio

I'm Carlo de Blasio author of this philosophical website.

I’m Carlo de Blasio author of this philosophical website. I was born in Italy in 1960. Then, I’ve been living most of my life in Rome, Naples, Caserta, Turin, London and New York.

Moreover, during the ‘covid-19 lockdown’ time in Italy, I’ve been working, from the Campania region, as a reporter for the Italian public service broadcaster RAI. So, here’s the link to all the details (in Italian) of that experience:

Furthermore, I graduated cum laude in Theoretical Philosophy at the ‘Roma Tre University’ in Rome. Because of this passion for philosophy I devoted 40 years to <epimeleia heautou> which is translatable, from Ancient Greek, in <CARE OF SELF>.


<Epimeleia heautou> is the dominant philosophical issue for almost ten centuries, spanning from 500 BC to AD 500. Yet, it is a widespread culture not just a theory. And it is a culture (whose basis are prescriptions, recommendations, practices) which we could also consider precursive of some aspects of Humanism. In fact, the human being, his self-realization and his happiness are at the centre of many thinkers’ preoccupations. Firstly, among them, in Ancient Greece, there are Sokrates (Socrates), Epikouros (Epicurus), Epiktetos (Epictetus). Secondly, in Imperial Rome, there are Lucius Annaeus Seneca (Seneca the Younger) and Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus (Marcus Aurelius). Anyway, for more info, please visit the MASTERS section of this site.

I'm Carlo de Blasio author of this philosophical website.


I’m Carlo de Blasio, author of this philosophical website. And I wrote a book in Italian entitled “Il Sangue e l’Anima(“The Blood and the Soul). It was published in 2019 by ‘Guida editori’. Indeed, in this manual I expound all the TOPICS (see the section) you can also find on this website.



I like to hold conferences wherever there is an interest toward the Cynic, Epicurean and Stoic doctrines/lifestyles. In fact, those three are the most relevant philosophical movements ascribable to the <CARE OF SELF> philosophy. By the way, my meetings are often set up by Circolo dei Lettori in Turin. It is a cultural foundation hosting (in a prestigious historical location) debates, presentations and symposiums. Anyway, click on EVENTS to see the complete list.

Sokratiko LogoSince I am not a scholar but an enthusiast, I always prefer to illustrate <cura sui> (Latin expression indicating <CARE OF SELF>) in a very actualized version. As a result, I like to indicate references to my personal INSPIRATIONS (movies, books and records you could browse among if you like). Immediate hints and suggestions regarding the tenets and principles of the <CARE OF SELF> are, for instance, available in the THOUGHTS section.

I’m Carlo de Blasio, author of this philosophical website. Other details on my cv are on Wikipedia and in the ABOUT US section. My email address is And you can also find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the same picture you see at the top of this page. Thanks for visiting this website, forgive me for all mistakes you might find here and… do not forget to have a look at the BLOG section!