We intend Humility as the Latin ‘humilitas’.

Common mistake of our shallow times is judging humble people as ‘victims’ of too much delicacy and even of a lack of character. But this is not only a mistake. It is an absurdity as well.

First of all, HUMILITY has nothing to do with a defective personality. Secondly, it is a virile property conceded only to very strong people.

In fact, you’ve got to be mentally robust and psychologically vigorous in order to allow yourself a full and indefectible attitude of HUMILITY. Moreover, in our world humble people have also to endure the ridiculous idea of being submitted and subjugated.

We intend Humility as the Latin 'humilitas'.

We intend Humility as the Latin ‘humilitas’. HUMILITY belongs to people who possess it in a spontaneous way. But a philosophical TRAINING can lead to the same result. So, it is important to acknowledge the fallacy and meanness of human nature, leaving behind any arrogance. Humility comes along with the comprehension of our immense fallibility and shortsightedness. Ultimately, the only question that matters here is <who do you think you are in front of the entire universe?>.

Marguerite Yourcenar is the author of Memoirs of Hadrian, first published in the United States by Farrar, Strauss & Giroux in 1954. In the opening page of the book, she imagines a letter written by the Roman emperor Hadrian. The sovereign says (our adaptation): “the professional eye of a physician saw in me a mass of humors. He saw a sorry mixture of blood and lymph. So, whether we are truck drivers or emperors, we should remember one thing. We are basic liquids and deteriorating matter. And this is precisely why arrogance is awful and humility is appropriate“.

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