We intend Training as the Latin ‘exercitatio’ and the Greek ‘askesis’.

TRAINING is instilling in others (or cultivating in oneself) any ability, knowledge or fitness regarding specific competencies. In particular, our idea of coaching concerns the development of human capability, intellectual productivity and spiritual performance. In addition to the basic TRAINING for starting an activity, a higher kind of tutoring may continue in order to maintain, upgrade and update one’s skills through all life. People in professions and occupations may refer to this training as a “professional development”. In our case it is a philosophical GUIDANCE or a spiritual assistance.

Our entire life, with all its occurrences, is an enormous TRAINING. Nonetheless, in order to have a proper philosophical TRAINING a theoretical scheme is necessary. Possibly with the aid of a master and with the support of a profound SOUL-SEARCHING process.

We intend Training as the Latin 'exercitatio' and the Greek 'askesis'.

We intend Training as the Latin ‘exercitatio’ and the Greek ‘askesis’. What is this TRAINING for? Firstly, any TRAINING is itself its own target. This depends on being never-ending and, in fact, helping the youngsters as well as the elderlies; wise people as well as undiscerning ones. Furthermore, it is done in view of our final destination (death) coinciding with the progression of our entire life. In conclusion, it is a spiritual purification whose aim is making room for all the qualities and virtues we preach on these very pages.

This is Sokratiko’s way to interpret the notion of TRAINING. Please continue to browse our list of philosophical TOPICS by clicking on the other entries of our list.