We intend Soul-searching as the Latin ‘examinatio’.

Before taking (philosophically) care of himself, any individual has to go through a lengthy (and sometimes tiresome) process of self-awareness. This philosophical operation of self-recognition has the purpose of giving the subject several primary elements. These are the issues he needs in order to start working on himself, on his faults, shortcomings, gaps.

He who is not aware of his own defects and problems is unlikely to be able to correct them successfully.

The action of SOUL-SEARCHING involves also some painful probing introspections. And we know by personal or indirect experience that it might be traumatic to delve deep inside the soul. Moreover, this exploration is not simply an observation. Because it implies a critical consideration of one’s conscience, especially as regards motives and values.

We intend Soul-searching as the Latin 'examinatio'.

We intend Soul-searching as the Latin ‘examinatio’. SOUL-SEARCHING is indispensable even when the individual is working on himself under the GUIDANCE of good MASTERS. The effort to make on one’s own is in no way transferable on the shoulders of a teacher.

The dynamics of SOUL-SEARCHING can entirely be discovered and apprehended only when a person, day after day, is seriously working on himself. Very soon, it becomes clear that SOUL-SEARCHING is an endless exercise which we could keep on doing until our last days on earth.

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