We intend Freedom as the Latin ‘libertate’.

He who chooses a philosophical lifestyle must display (as much as he can) FREEDOM from prejudices, from habits and conditionings. Moreover, freedom from mental cages, from fears, from inflated egos, from money, from power, from weaknesses, from flatteries, from comforts. Also, from appearances, from rumors, from other people’s judgements, from vices, from sexual drive, from paranoia, from jealousy, from resentment. Furthermore, from envy, from rage, from political parties, from tv, from opinions, from bad influences, from hatred, from sophisticated food. And, particularly, from the arrogant idea of being able to reach complete FREEDOM.

We intend Freedom as the Latin 'libertate'.

We intend Freedom as the Latin ‘libertate’. The length of the above list shows how difficult and complex the attainment of complete FREEDOM really is. Well, honestly speaking it’s impossible! After all, we are slave to our human condition and that implies uncountable bonds. Hence, we should consider FREEDOM an ideal target which works – in our mind – as a constant orientation and motivation.

Not only FREEDOM, but also other “absolute” notions (for instance, HAPPINESS and AFFECTION) are decisevely overrated. Therefore, we should avoid to consider them obtainable in their entirety. As a matter of fact, they are other things we should liberate ourselves from. So, let us work also on freeing ourselves from the idea of complete happiness, of total affection and, of course, of absolute freedom.

This is Sokratiko’s way to interpret the notion of FREEDOM. Please continue to browse our list of philosophical TOPICS by clicking on the other entries of our list.