We intend Determination as the Latin ‘firmitudo’.

DETERMINATION is not the blind and obstinate pursuing of an objective against all odds and regardless of all impediments. Common sense, sanity, rationality and consideration all play a good part in an equilibrate and effective DETERMINATION. Therefore, the time comes – even for a determined person – when it is advisable to give up, surrender or change direction.

An attitude of DETERMINATION is desirable because the guidelines of our <philosophy of life> are neither shallow nor easy. We would like ours to be a form of intelligent discipline. Our goal is not the asseveration of the individual to rigid rules for the sake of showing strength and endurance. Instead, we are engaged in a philosophical fight. It is against commonplaces and wrong convictions. And this requires hard work plus strict prescriptions.

We intend Determination as the Latin 'firmitudo'.

We intend Determination as the Latin ‘firmitudo‘. The final target is the knowledge of oneself. And a larger control of the subject over himself. This is an ambitious project which asks to endure a tiresome TRAINING. That is why a stable attitude of DETERMINATION is very helpful to cope with moments of discouragement and dejection.

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