We intend Decency as the Latin ‘decorum’.

Standards of morality and respectability do vary according to historical times, kinds of society and individual perceptions. For instance, talking of sex in public (with certain words) was unsuitable in some epochs while it is common nowadays.

Despite all the differentiations, some basic forms of decency are always recognizable. For instance, wearing a minimum of clothing in public circumstances. Or uttering a minimum of words when someone greets us or asks for an information. Also, behaving oneself at funerals, in churches, in hospitals and in other similar circumstances. Besides, allowing adequate burials to dead people. In addition, not entertaining sexual intercourses in public places. Furthermore, being reserved with one’s bodily urgencies.

We intend Decency as the Latin 'decorum'.

We intend Decency as the Latin ‘decorum’. DECENCY comes with one’s natural attitude, with family education, with social habits and with many other concurring elements. Nonetheless, it is a philosophical virtue that we should cultivate and refine if we pursue a “work of art life”. Such an effort, in order to obtain DECENCY, demands SOBRIETY, DIGNITY, RESPECT, HUMILITY and, of course, SELF-CONTROL.

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