A sting destroys balloons.

A sting destroys balloons. It does not mean that a sting is stronger, bigger or in any other way better than a balloon. It only means that a sting is more functional and powerful when confronting a balloon. A sting is really much smaller and it is almost invisible. But these apparently fragile traits represent its strengths in front of any larger and ostensible balloon.

Hence, there is an advantage in dealing with peacocks, boasters and other larger-than-life people. In fact, it is enough a sharp and subtle remark to let the air deflate from these inflated “balloons”. A brief, pungent utterance might blow them up in a split second. All in all, a big prey is easier to hit than a small one and, of course, whoever likes to brag around must have a very big and visible ego. Therefore, such a conceited individual is an easy target for any sharpshooter.

A sting destroys balloons. So there is always a possibility to defend oneself even for a small, humble, almost invisible person. If he is witty, intelligent and caustic he will have no problems in dealing with the powerful and the overbearing. It is an issue of CONCRETENESS against EGOCENTRISM.