Ageing is natural and has a reason.

Ageing is natural and has a natural reason (maybe more than just one). All natural things have a reason. Ageing is a natural thing. Hence, ageing has a reason. The problem is not ageing in itself. The problem is that we do not accept ageing. In fact, we do not accept many other natural things and occurrences. And it is not a good idea to fight Nature (as well as fighting natural things). It is not a good idea not accepting what is natural and therefore reasonable. We should put into practice the wise notion of ACCEPTANCE.

Ageing is such a natural occurrence that it should not touch us as much as it does. But our society mistreats and humbles the elderlies and so it seems inevitable to hold a negative view of the old age. Nonetheless, dealing with age is a personal issue and it is up to each one of us to face it in a proper way, with serenity, wisdom and sweetness. Ageing is natural and has a natural reason. Thus, we should not be afraid of death as well. As a matter of fact, ageing is the preparation to death. And, again, death is a natural thing.