An extended sight is good.

An extended sight is good. Actually, an extension of whatever of our senses is good. It is so because the range of our senses is one of our biggest limitations. For instance, we cannot hear frequencies below or beyond certain parameters. Instead, the frequencies precluded to us are audible by dogs, among other animals. The same argument applies to faculties like intuition or sensitivity. There is a common range for ordinary intuition, but some people are capable of reaching much beyond that range.

Some people have special qualities. They understand more, they perceive more, they sense more. We are not referring now to physical abilities like hearing. Here we refer to mental qualities. Or we should call them “spiritual qualities” or also “properties of the soul”. Maybe we can say that people with such endowments are lucky. And so they are. Nevertheless, their very “extraorinary state” could as well be problematic. We know that some gifted individuals end up hating to be so intensely responsive and exposed. In fact, it is usually uneasy to deal with an enhanced reality. However, an uncommon deepness is a <gift> and therefore the bearer of the gift has the responsibility to treasure and value it as much as he can. An extended sight is good. An extended intuition is good. Any special quality is a talent to preserve with special CARE.