Anybody is part of the whole.

Anybody is part of the whole. Generally, a tiny, minuscule part. Nonetheless, a part of the whole (a part of the cosmos). And being a part of the All means having at least something in common with the totality. So, maybe we do not share with the entirety all its traits (obviously not the size because a part is normally smaller than the whole itself). But we must have no less than some features in common. Anyway, this simple observation should be a good reason for us to feel stronger. In fact, we should assume that the immensity does confer some of its strenght to its parts. In other words, there must be something infinite and enormous in each one of us. There must be some divinity in all of us.

Anybody is part of the whole. Instead, too often, we all forget the immensity we belong to. In fact, we do not take into proper account the entirety of a universe in which (although we are tiny) we do play a part. When we rightly remember the surrounding powers and forces, we tend to acquire SELF-CONFIDENCE and we begin to absorb the strength of it all. Even a crumble of bread or a particle of dust do participate of the energy of the cosmos.