Be wise with a smile.

Be wise with a smile. It is perfectly possible to be wise with a smile because a strong evidence of WISDOM is the capacity of putting things of life in a wider perspective. The same capacity is also a ‘consequence’ (not only a proof) of WISDOM. In fact, once things are judged in relative terms, it might become very easy to smile at them (or even laughing at them). Smiling is the natural reaction of a successful philosophical revision of the reality we live in. In fact, even happenings which we usually tend to consider dramatic become acceptable with a philosophical approach and a process of RELATIVISM.

Be wise with a smile. Many are the evidences which allow us to detect a wise person. Among the most outstanding proofs of wisdom we could surely list a calm and quiet behavior. Such a behaviour is really significant in a situation which usually prompts panic, cries and confusion. A contagious smile on a genuine face is often testimony that we are in front of a wise person. Maybe he will not be the most cultivated, the most intelligent, the most brilliant, the most powerful or the most successful human being. Okay, but he is likely to have something special in his soul. Because wisdom as the ability to smile at life is something very special.