Be yourself not someone!

Be yourself not someone! Even if being yourself would be nothing special. Be yourself not someone! At least it is yourself. That is, your inner, profound, teleological reason to be alive. Therefore, do not you try to be special. Or to be like someone you find interesting. Or to resemble a famous person just because that person is famous. Do not just work on the individuation process. Do work on yourselfness! In fact, what is really special to you is to be yourself. What is really interesting for you is to accomplish yourself!

Obsessions about being unique abound and are significantly widespread. But the point is not any distinction regarding one from another (for instance, me from you). In fact, we should just take such a difference for granted since we evidently are all unique and since we have no clones (so far). The philosophical point is to be ourselves, to know ourselves, to work on ourselves, to CARE about ourselves, to reveal ourselves, to say the truth on ourselves to ourselves. Moreover, marking a difference is a sign of contempt towards the others, but many forms of this contempt betray an inferiority complex which the subject does not admit to himself first.