Beauty is beauty because is short.

Beauty is beauty because is short. Rare things are valuable because they are rare. Gold is precious because it is difficult to find it. In order to deeply understand what it means to be FREE, one has to experience captivity (jail for instance).

It seems a hard notion (onerous for us to grasp) the inherent shortness and volatileness of all things beautiful, good, graceful and nice. Yet, it is really clear that their beauty and loveliness strictly derive from the flashy duration assigned to them. It is always when the pleasure is short that we tend to value it and to wish for it. Counter-evidence is to think of something very nice but imagining its duration as much longer than its usual standard. The very moment of sunset, at the end of a gorgeous day, is so evocative and inspiring for the very reason that it lasts a few seconds (immediately after it the sun disappears below the horizons). But what if sunset lasted hours and hours? Would it stay dreamy, suggestive and special as it is?

We should take CARE of ‘beauty’. And we should take care of all the fragile, short, precious things that our life is enriched by. Taking care of something short-lived, brief, temporary and impermanent is a good way to compensate for its fleeting nature.