Being evil is itself a punishment.

Being evil is itself a punishment. This is something we usually do not take into proper consideration. In fact, many of us complain about wicked people rarely paying the price of their crimes (for instance going to jail). And, of course, they should pay the charge that societies and justice systems establish for their misdemeanors. Nonetheless, they already pay – ontologically – in being what they are. They pay a high price (not adequately noticeable) simply in being bad people. Because being bad people is a punishment for sure. It is so for the reason that wikedness does obscure any joy and makes everything ugly, sad, squalid and miserable.

It is somewhat usual to protest about the impunity which so unfairly seems to help evil people. But it is a philosophical duty not to forget what a penalty is in itself the very fact of being evil and therefore of seeing the world with evil eyes. This is not a consolatory statement for good people. It is true that being evil is terrible, it is a condemnation, it is a waste of life! Being evil is itself a punishment. But it needs some WISDOM for us to fully understand this very notion.