Life is boring for boring people.

Life is boring for boring people. In fact, it is true (though incredible) that some people find life boring. And it must be true that those people simply do not realize the incredible number of opportunities and chances they have any minute in this world.

Setting aside covid-time restrictions, they could travel around the globe, walk on the sand, drive a car for a thousand miles. Ot they could read a book, watch a tv show, browse the web, think about the universe. Moreover, they could have sexual intercourses, meet people in a pub, cook a meal, attending a mass, learn a foreign language. Besides, they could travel to foreing countries, listen to some music, paint a portray, write a poem, have a shower. Furtermore, they could go shopping, talk on the phone, visit a museum, climb a mountain, practice some yoga. In addition, they could make a cup of tea, sleep on a sofa, eat a sandwich, sit on a bench. Also they could go to the cinema, get on a bus, start a collection, choose a new dress. More than all, they could engage themselves in a serious, deep soul-searching, knowing themselves and taking care of themselves.

Life is not boring.