Choose your lane.

Choose your lane. And accept the road of destiny. It is not a contradiction. Or maybe it is a contradiction. Anyway, it does not matter. Because, yes, life is full of contradictions. However, here we are saying that you can choose (and you have to choose) the lane of your life. Nonetheless, you must take into account that your power is extremely limited, Therefore, you choose your lane. But destiny could decide to put you on very different roads. In such a case, you need to evaluate if still there is a valid margin for you to try and struggle in order to regain your lane. Or you could judge that it is much better for you an ACCEPTANCE of your destiny. Once you see that the force of fate is bigger than you, then you must stop fighting and accept your circumstances.

Choose your lane. And accept all the consequences of your choice. There is too strong a tendency to always accuse the lanes and never our own choice of the same lanes. In fact, we tend to charge the lanes of our life with many critics and accusations. Hence, road signs are misleading. So, tracks are imprecise. Thus, service stations are out of work. Therefore, potholes are disseminated all along the road. In short, we rarely take into consideration the idea that we, maybe, (even unconsciously) are choosing our lanes with hidden or imprecise agendas. Equally, it is few and far between that we evaluate the possibility that we simply make serious mistakes when choosing our lanes.