Crowds are sum of persons.

Crowds are sum of persons. Therefore, it is meaningless and incomprehensible, for any person, to fear gatherings of people, crowds and multitudes. In fact, groups of any size are just made up of some (or many) individuals like each one of us.

It might even seem evidence of a strong self-conceit (excessive SELF-CONFIDENCE) the voluntarily detachment of someone from all kind of groupings. The impulse to estrange oneself from the others seems the proof that someone believes to be different, superior, special. Indeed, we should never forget that we are part of mankind. The word ‘people’ refers to us as well. Anyone of us is part of the generality that is the world’s population. Everybody belongs to the humankind who stays on planet Earth. This is a notion we should easily ingest and take for granted.

Crowds are sum of persons. And it is only after acknowledging our ‘membership’ to mankind that we might start working on ourselves to shed away as many common vices and defects as we can. Actually, we could aspire at becoming – day after day – somebody different from the other people in the crowd. Different but always being part of the crowd. In this world but not of this world.