Discover your child inside.

Discover your child inside. Maybe you have an intuition about him. Or maybe you have no hints about his existence deep inside your soul. Notwithstanding, all adult people keep a child inside themselves. And it is so for the simple reason that all adults were younger once. Everybody has been a child. Everybody has some memories (at least something) of his childhood.

Anyway, the child we bear inside ourselves is a precious treasure. In fact, like all precious things we should handle him with extreme CARE. This child might give energy, hope, curiosity, purity and many dreams. Nonetheless, we should prevent him from being our pretext to behave childishly and to reject the inevitable responsibilities which come with adultness. Therefore, we recall the child inside to keep the uncontaminated qualities of a child. We certainly do not value childhood for its social and legal status of limited responsibility.

Discover your child inside. And take good care of him. In Child of Vision the Supertramp sing “Tell me why should I change / There must be more than this life / It’s time we did something right / I said / Child of vision won’t you listen / Find yourself a new ambition“.