Falsehood is deceiving oneself.

Falsehood is deceiving oneself. In fact, when we think about lies we always focus upon the deceptions charged on the “recipients” of the fabrications. So, we never consider the profound effects that lieing exerts on the liers themselves. Indeed, the habit of lieing is, in all respects, a lifestyle. And any lifestyle bears uuncountable implications on the subject who is living this or that life. In this specific case, the consequence of lieing is a mendacious mentality. In other words, the lier lives in a fictitious world whose first and fundamental repercussion is lieing to himself.

Falsehood is deceiving oneself. Lies are a betrayal of the basic deal between human beings. Moreover, it is the treason of the very idea of a society (that is the idea of mutuality). However, the worst betrayal is the one committed against oneself. The lier is not himself when he lies (in fact, he is not a person but a lier). Furthermore, a lier usually lies to himself as well. And he behaves like that during the inner dialogue that any subject entertains with himself. Hence, there is no worse lie than the one told to oneself, even because one is likely to start believing to that same lie, prompting a vicious circle of falsity and travesty, with no DIGNITY and no FRANKNESS.