Goodness is expensive.

Goodness is expensive. It is expensive for the good person. This is so because in being good there is always a cost to pay. For instance, common people (not necessarily bad people) have a strong propensity to exploit good fellows. Such a behaviour is almost an unconscious istinct. Though many times it is a deliberate choice. Therefore, it should be clear that choosing a life of goodness is not in itself difficult. What is much more problematic is the ACCEPTANCE of all the unpleasant implications and consequences.

Also, goodness comes with common people’s reactions of grimaces, mockeries, derisions, contempt, scorn, sarcasm, kidding and all the other various by-products of a mentality in which cunningness is valued much more than goodness. Quite often even kindness and politeness suffer the same stupid and superficial reactions from common people.

Goodness is expensive. In fact, goodness admits of no violence and of no shortcuts. So, bad people immediately understand that goodness is an easy target and therefore they try and take advantage of good people. But goodness should not mean stupidity and docility. Hence, it is up to good people to react to deeds of violence against them. And again it is up to them to stay good without being naif or irresponsible.