Happiness is an idea.

Happiness is an idea. As a matter of fact, it is a human idea (of course). In fact, this notion is very simply a product of our mind, of our imagination. Therefore, the condition defined by this word is very likely not to exist. Or, it is anyway an utterly improbable condition for us to reach. Nonetheless, we use to attribute an enormous value to this concept. Indeed, HAPPINESS (a proposition, a notion, a product of our mind) seems to be the target of each and every day of our life. Such a situation is misleading, deceptive and very problematic, if not dangerous. Measuring our daily life according to unrealistic targets (we incessantly fabricate many other impractical concepts) create an irrational and adulterated scenario.

Now it is quite a long time since someone started to seriously question this very notion of HAPPINESS. So, we could confidently say that if HAPPINESS does exist, this idea appears to be significantly overrated. Hence, in our daily routine, we could just content ourselves to be cheerful and joyful. ACCEPTANCE should play a big role in avoiding too high targets. Moreover, experience testifies that talking about HAPPINESS might sadden people and paradoxically make them miserable and unhappy.