Jealousy is squalid.

Jealousy is squalid. And it is among the most repulsive and despicable vices. In fact, it reveals meanness, squalor and pettiness. In short, jealous people are insecure, short-minded and irrespective of other people’s freedom. The title of a famous Sting‘s song (from the 1985 album The Dream of the Blue Turtles) says If you love somebody set them free. However, the issue here is not physical freedom but a more delicate and crucial one, that is mental freedom. Jealous people are the first in featuring no mental freedom. Therefore, they pour their mental limits out on other people. Indeed, they manifest a strong tendency to restrict other people’s lives. Anyway, JEALOUSY is also an attitude of envy, resentment and discontent. Whoever is jealous hates other people’s success and positive results. He is a vile person and likes to stay in his minuscule world of snallness and insignificance.

Jealousy is squalid. It is a terrible display of weakness and vileness. Any will of possessing the others reveals lack of SELF-CONFIDENCE and lack of respect, proving the individual to be extremely late in becoming an adult person. Into the vision of our <CARE OF SELF> philosophy, jealousy is unacceptable and has to be healed like a serious illness of the soul.