Life comes before death.

Life comes before death. This might sound trite, banal and ordinary. After all, everybody knows that life anticipates the demise. But here we dot not merely refer to a predictable time sequence. Here we are suggesting not to dwell too much about “the end” while we still do not understand what lies “before the end”.

Why pondering on our ‘passing’ while we still do not know life? That is, we do not grasp the meaning, the sense, the explication of life, let alone of death. The implications and the very purpose of our life (and of ‘life’ itself in general) excape us. We ignore the universal reason of life. Hence, this is the main cause of our frustration and desperation. Therefore, please stop thinking about the future. And stop dismissing all the present days focusing mainly on tomorrow. Stop fearing death when even life is not yet understood. Let us concentrate on the <here and now>. Please, let us leave aside the problem of death. In fact, death is like ‘nature’, ‘infinite’, ‘absolute’, ‘god’, ‘evil‘ and all the other mysteries we will never comprehend.

Philosophy surely is a preparation to death. Nonetheless, this preparation must never become an obsession. Because ‘preparation’ means preparation “while we are alive”!