Life is crossing bridges.

Life is crossing bridges. In Blowin’ in the Wind Bob Dylan and many other artists sing “How many roads must a man walk down / Before you call him a man?” (see the SONGS section of this site). We say “how many roads and bridges do we meet along the walk of life?”. Also, the answers should take into account all the metaphorical bridges. In fact, even if our existence is particularly reserved and secluded we are likely to have many chances of crossing bridges (metaphorical and real). It is so for the simple reason that roads and bridges represent the very essence of life itself.

Life is crossing bridges. Yet, for many people, the crossing of a short, low and small bridge could become an unbearable piece of work to perform. This could depend on sedentary habits, on high levels of anxiety, on various kinds of traumas or on other factors. Anyway, life is essentially roads to walk and bridges to cross. Therefore, renunciations to go forward is a big mistake. The risk is that any renunciation might imply the repudiation of life itself. You wouldn’t realize it immediatley. But many years after, you are likely to recognize the error. And of course it is too late.