Wear your face not a mask.

Wear your face not a mask. Such an option (the refusal of false faces) is more important than simply the honest offering of oneself to the world. In fact, being oneself (not wearing fake maskings) goes beyond INTEGRITY and RIGHTEOUSNESS (which are anyway very important). Actually, the persistent (daily) choice of rejecting all falsities and disguises is something which constitues the individual. In other words, the repudiation of camouflages is one of the fundamental activities that structurally build the human subject. Hence, the issue we are dealing with here is not only an ethical one but inherently a philosophical one. In other words, it is one of the foundational and essential components of a philosophical lifestyle.

Wear your face not a mask. We human beings use to think that wearing masks is necessary in order not to expose ourselves to the maliciousness and nastiness of societies. But, in behaving like that, we fail to grasp the biggest general consequence of such a usual habit. Indeed, wearing masks implies a world where masks make up an overwhelming majority, among just a few real faces. Moreover, if we all wear masks, relationships will end up to rely on falsity and misleading appearances. The inevitable result is a reality of many misunderstandings and forgeries of all kinds.