ME is almost nothing.

ME is almost nothing. In fact, I am a tiny, irrelevant, insignificant part of the universe. But I am inescapably into myself, that is my conscience dwelling into myself. So, I very often run the risk of seeing only myself (not the rest of reality), forgetting how small and minute I am. This mistake in perspective is extremely common and its diffusion seems to diminish the ability to grasp its seriousness and gravity. Too many people develop a tendency to believe that the entire world revolves around them. They are always at the center of their own attention. Therefore they expect the others to look at them with devotion and awe. But the others are themselves at the center of their own attention, expecting the rest of mankind to look at them with deference and consideration. In the end, all these conflicting expectations only produce disappointment, frustrations and anger.

ME is almost nothing. All MEs are almost nothing. Nonetheless, people end up devoting a terrible attention to themselves. Hence, people do not realize the existence (and the value) of the others, of their surroundings, of their friends. Even the way people use to speak reveals a lot of <me>, <myself>, <I> and a paucity of attention towards the rest of the world. A change of attitude starts with different languages and with real attentions to <you>, <he>, <she> and <them>. The ACCEPTANCE of our irrelevance is the first step in reassessing ourselves and in resetting our approach to ourselves and to the others.