No anticipation no disappointment.

No anticipation no disappointment. This is a very simple and basic rule. Hence, it is part of a virtue we call CONCRETENESS and that we value very much. In fact, such an elementary prescription is so effing concrete – and effective – that it is a marvel the entire world does not always apply it. Therefore, all people should completely forget about any prediction, calculation and prognostication. Instead, it seems that everybody enjoys piling up millions of expectations, every day, every hour. Expectations about oneself. Anticipations about the future. Expectancies about our lives, successes, earnings, careers, pleasures, travels, bank accounts. Now, this constant projection towards ‘tomorrow’ is the best way, then, to fall in disappointment, sadness and frustration. Actually, we cannot control our present and we pretend to anticipate our future! As usual, we are outrageously arrogant and ignorant.

The persistent estimation of the future is only the nourishment of all our knockbacks, recoils and rebounds. An equilibrate philosophical attitude requires not to think too much about the future and, above all, not to nurture anticipations which, if unmatched by reality, will cause anguish and pain. Life is in the present tense. To be alive is today, here, now. No anticipation no disappointment.