Our tomorrow is overvalued.

Our tomorrow is overvalued. In fact, it seems that we live this life with a constant and persistent orientation towards the future. So, everything we do and that we plan to do is in view of days to come. However, while the capacity of ‘planning what to do next’ is a useful attribute of the humans, a life relying only on ‘tomorrows’ risks of neglecting and deleting the present. And if we do not live ‘today’ we miss something extremely important. In short, what we call ‘tomorrow’ does not exist (and what we call ‘yesterday’ is not anymore) but what we call ‘today’ is in full existence! Now.

Our tomorrow is overvalued. The inclination towards the future is growing by the day. Actually, in our consumerist world, we consume the ‘present’, we waste away the ‘here and now’. We do everything while staring agape at an uncertain ‘tomorrow’ (which we consider handy, realistic and sure). This way we lose the ‘present’ and we keep on investing time and energies on unknown days to come. The ‘today’ is here and is real (at least more real than the future). Therefore we should try and enhancing the importance, the relevance, the quality of our present moments. In fact, we should enlarge our focus on the ‘here and now’, even at the expense of ‘there and tomorrow’. This is in no way a suggestion not to have plans and projects, but it is only a recommendation not to waste away our present time. <CARE OF SELF> is the philosophy of today.