Study the art of living.

Study the art of living. This is the most important topic to devote your attention to. Math is important. Literature is important. Science is important. But the art of living comes first and precede all the other disciplines. Indeed, if you do not know how to live, all the other learnings are completely useless. Unfortunately, this crucial field regarding the way to live the right life is not in school’s schedule anymore. This is because we now consider unacceptable that teachers or masters instruct people on how to live their lives. In fact, there is a risk deriving from wrong, teachings and untrustworthy MASTERS. Therefore, the widespread common tenet says that we all have to find our way into life on our own.

Study the art of living. You are engaged in the never-ending process of learning for as long as you live. In fact, you study at primary and secondary education, university, master, traffic school, cooking school, boating license, art, sport, profession, upgrading and so on. You are overwhelmed by so many technicalities and rules and procedures and laws and prescriptions that you neglect the most important learning (the one that comes first), that is how to live your life in a just and good way.