The question on oneself comes first.

The question on oneself comes first. It is so because the philosophical life starts from who we are. In fact, the two pivotal instructions are “know yourself” and “take care of yourself”. The second recommendation means “work on yourself”, “pull yourself together”, “ponder on yourself”. Therefore, one should always keep on asking questions of all kind. But one should never forget to first ask all the necessary questions about himself. Anyway, the interrogations make sense if some answers are also given. Hence, it is important a constant development with a growing balance between questions and answers. Nonetheless, all philosophers know very well that many queries will never find an answer. And this is the reason for philosophy to be alluring and compelling.

The question on oneself comes first. Asking questions to oneself and to the others is part of a philosophical attitude. In our <CARE OF THE SELF> philosophy the main interrogation is the one whose answer to is the starting point of the subject’s work on himself. In other words, it is the one about who we are. Not a simple question and one with not a single answer. For instance, we are who we think we are, who we would like to be, who the others think we are and – just at the very end – who we really are.