Thoughts are nothing.

Thoughts are nothing. In fact, they do not exist in nature and they are just products of our mind (maybe the right definition should be ‘by-products’). Indeed, we cannot touch thoughts, we cannot hold them in our hands, we cannot squeeze or shape them. They have no weight, no materiality, no real substance. Nonetheless, we allow them to influence our life, impact on our life, even destroy our life. We give them an incredible power on ourselves. Even though we are their creators, authors, masters. We are perfectly aware that some thoughts could be so devastating as to induce us in committing suicide or in killing other people (even unknown people).

Thoughts are nothing. Therefore, when afflicted by a single, recurrent, obsessive thought we’d better remember that a thought is just something inconsistent, ever-changing, insubstantial, made of air, tenuous, dependent on moods and on transitory states of mind. Maybe this present argument will prove uneffective in promoting our SERENITY. Maybe these words are useless to reduce the anxiety caused by a single thought which is relentlessy spinning inside our head. However, if it is so, it might well be because even this comment is – at the end of the day – just a single thought!