Thoughts are our worst trouble.

Thoughts are our worst trouble. And ‘trouble’ is again a thought, a word, something we create ourselves in our mind. Therefore, we are the ones who give life to words, to thoughts, to troubles. Then we are the ones who complain about them. And we are the ones who suffer because of them. Indeed, it is all our fault. In fact, ideas, opinions, concepts and beliefs just come out of our ever-working head. Hence, in order not to suffer and not to complain, we should just stop the flowing of our thoughts. Nonetheless, thoughts keep on constantly piling up into our mind.

Thoughts are our worst trouble. They certainly are among the most distinctive traits of human nature. Thoughts might cause a lot of pain, anxiety, stress, panic, exhaustion. Similar to all technical devices (computers, mobile phones), our mind needs some rest. The head craves for some regular pauses for the sake of re-ordering ideas, breathing a little and enjoying some SERENITY. That is why we should learn how to turn the mind off and on again, something which is obviously easier to say than done. In fact, whoever tries to switch the mind off, will find clear evidence of not knowing where is the button.