Time is a notion.

Time is a notion. Actually, time is a human idea, a proposition, a concept. It is something we continually ‘create’ (along with space and along the relation cause-effect). However, we have good reasons for generating time, space and other categories. In fact, we do that for the sake of managing reality and of governing what happens to us every single second. In short, time is a human mind‘s fabrication, although a very important and central one for the administration of life (the life of en entity provided with conscience).

Time is a notion. Time does not really exist and it is merely a derivative by-product of our senses (and mind) in order for us to better survive in an hostile environment. This is the real (well, ‘unreal’) nature of time. Nonetheless, we know with no doubts that we experience time and that we perceive time – minute by minute. In fact, time is one of the most impacting inevitabilities in our life. So, time is more than important. It is crucial, precious and it is the most valuable aspect of our existence. It is a duty not to waste it. Some good WISDOM is enough to realize it. Period.