Understanding is difficult.

Understanding is difficult. When it comes to understanding a person it is extremely difficult. In fact, we all show a strong determination to complain about never being understood by the others. Unfortunately, we do not reserve the same determination to the effort of being us the ones who have to understand the others. And even less we are prone to understand ourselves first. But understanding oneself is the first step before understanding the others and before enjoying the understanding by the others.

Understanding is difficult. We have nothing to object against whoever likes the understanding coming from friends and collegues. We too like it. In fact, that is why we toil on the quality – if any – of this website. Nevertheless, there’s too emphasis on the need to receive the general understanding from the world. Indeed, people complain too much and too often about their difficulties in obtaining recognition and intellectually following. It is time to realize that there are many other valuable approaches apart from understanding. For example, it is nice to enjoy the LOVE and friendship coming from the others. One could even accept not to be understood if he is loved and if there are many people who CARE for him.