Valuable things need fatigue.

Valuable things need fatigue. It is no more (and no less) than a general rule. In fact, this law does not apply when one wins a worthy prize in a lottery (with no fatigue). And there are many other examples like that. After all, fortune is part of our world. Misfortune as well! Yet, the general rule is valid, in quite a stringent way. For instance, when working on our physical appearance, we understand how much it costs losing weight and building muscles. It is evident to everybody how tiresome a challenging training really is, sometimes for months, for years.

Valuable things need fatigue. Not only in the physical, material, tangible world. But also during a philosophical practice. As an example, our philosophy of <epimeleia heautou>(CARE OF SELF) requires a demanding training. Spiritual exercises might often be as binding as physical exercises. Hence, we should not stop at considering how much “important results” need hard work and fatigue. However, we should go further. To the point of reaching the knowledge that “important results” are such exactly because they require hard work and fatigue. Once this notion is clear, it becomes a little easier to embark on difficult enterprises which demand a lot of sweat and toil.