We mistreat animals because we are beasts.

We mistreat animals because we are beasts (here we use the term ‘beast’ in a negative way). And we are ‘beasts’ because we too easily forget that we are simply animals. In fact, we are so outrageously full of ourselves to forget our true, basic nature. And we are sincerely sure not to be animals. Moreover, this superiority complex derives from the stupid conviction that animals are second-class ‘living beings’ as compared to us. But our anthropocentrism (the assumption that humans are better than all the other species) is completely wrong.

It is true that we are different. It is true that we are unique in being provided with a conscience and an articulated language. But it is equally true that we lack a significant number of the other animals’ properties. And it is true that we pay a high price for having our specific mental attributes. For instance, more intellect means less instinct, less strenght, less adaptability.

We mistreat animals because we are beasts. The only way to heal ourselves from this superiority sickness (and to save the animals) is a reconsideration of all the natural qualities. <Care of self> is our philosophy. This philosophy entails an holistic notion. Therefore, this philosophy stresses our belonging to the entire cosmos.