Words are the basis.

Words are the basis. In fact, they are the basis of a philosophical thinking. Therefore, we want words to be accurate, precise and appropriate. This way arguments and discussion could always be equally on the mark. That is why we devote an entire section of this website to Greek words which were (and still are) fundamental in the development of our philosophy. SCRUPULOUSNESS must guide the entire process of wording. We also want words to be just a starting point, because ours is a practical philosophy for everyday living. Hence, after words and reasonings, concrete actions must prompltly take the leading spot.

Words are the basis. Words have a prominent position in a world where language and communication dominante everything. And we are well aware of a slew of instances where words have absolute and exclusive importance. Philosophy is a mass of words. And in the context of this website we are dealing precisely with that mass of words. Having said that, we have the duty to remember that words must be followed by actions not to be reduced to thin and impalpable air. Our philosophy needs to be tested on the ground, in ordinary life, day after day, otherwise it would only be a futile mental exercise, sadly deprived of any practical outcome.