We intend Coherence as the Latin ‘congruentia’.

We do not interpet COHERENCE as an obligation for the subject not to change his mind or his road or his beliefs. In fact, whoever reject wrong choices or illusory credences or false attitudes is not inconsistent. Rather he is congruous with the very essence of life which is to grow, mature and get better. Therefore, a subject available to changes finds his coherence on a more relevant and higher level. He is trying to improve his life through variations and corrections. And this is perfectly desirable.

The only COHERENCE to pursue is the one with the <care of self>. In other words, we should look for consistency primarily on the road toward a good and fair lifestyle. And such a road presents us with many bends, reversals, u-turns, crossings, intersections and bridges. So, in many portions of the same road we must forget about limited acts of coherence. What is really vital is to find real consistency at the end of the road.

We intend Coherence as the Latin 'congruentia'.

COHERENCE is against opportunism, expediency, situationism, convenience and all the easy but illusory shortcuts of life. We mean that if you believe in the principle of never taking other people’s belongings, you cannot do it even once. Not even if you find a golden ring on the sidewalk. If you do something like that you incur in incoherence. Full stop.

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