We intend Holism as the Latin ‘universitas’.

The term HOLISM comes from the ancient Greek word <holos> which means “all”, “whole”, “entire”. We use it here in Sokratiko as a reference to the necessity of seeing not just the single parts of our reality. In fact, we should always see its entirety with all its multiple tight relations, links and connections.

This is not the place to discuss all the spiritual, religious and philosophical ideas whose basis derive from an holistic concept. Suffice to say that not only many Eastern doctrines but also many Western ones, show solid holistic groundings.

We intend Holism as the Latin 'universitas'.

We intend Holism as the Latin ‘universitas’. After all, personal experience teaches us every day that the law of <cause and effect> is one of the fundamental rules of reality. Because we are part of a universe where the various elements clearly depend on each others.

We should apply the same notion on spiritual levels. For instance, a negative mood might determine the negative outcome of an action. And this is so even if the technicalities of the same action are perfectly ok.

In fact, energies and forces are not just the visible and already scientifically demonstrated ones. Indeed, it is a scientific notion the very notion that Science has valid theories for many aspects of reality but not for all.

There are events and interrelations that are still enigmatic and mysterious. This is due to the complexity and immensity of a universal “system” whose associations are evidently limitless.

This is Sokratiko’s way to interpret the notion of HOLISM. Please continue to browse our list of philosophical TOPICS by clicking on the other entries of our list.

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