We intend Responsibility as the Latin ‘austeritas’.

Our idea of RESPONSIBILITY indicates that everybody must accept all the consequences of his choices, decisions and actions. Also everyone has to respond (react), in a responsible way, to his surrounding, environment and neighborhood. We are not responsible of each and any occurrence that befall us. But we are responsible of our own choices, of our own reactions, of our own thoughts. Things happen like a flowing river in which we float. It is up to us to swim left, right, astray, downward or any other direction. So, whatever the way we choose, it is our RESPONSIBILITY. Furthermore, if we decide to hit or drown or rescue someone, again it is our RESPONSIBILITY.

We enjoy a certain level of freedom thanks to the so-called <free will>. But it is this very margin of liberty that implies RESPONSIBILITY. For instance, any individual has the chance of opting for a transgressive and revolutionary life. But he must accept hardships and difficulties coming out of the same box and deriving from his very choice.

We intend Responsibility as the Latin 'austeritas'.

We intend Responsibility as the Latin ‘austeritas’. Society gives us a lot of good excuses not to be responsible. We can say (first to ourselves) that our choices are dictated by circumstances, education, injustices, habits or whatever might be influential on our options. Nonetheless, our philosophy admits of no pretexts like these. Because, at the end of the day, a choice is always a choice and it always comes with inevitable consequences, for good or bad.

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